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    18 yr old dating 15 yr old

    Most rational people will at least try to have a conversation first.

    “Use taxpayers’ money to prosecute REAL criminals, not a high school student who has never been in trouble a day in her young life, all because she had a mutual consenting relationship with someone who has bigoted parents,” said Kelley Hunt Smith, Kaitlyn’s mother.

    Q: What do adults need to understand about your life? As an 18 year old guy this is my only conclusion, our parents have gone soft. I believe that we should always try to be friends with a girl first. The first one just gets you picked on more, and the second one just doesn’t work. Getting picked on, social injustices, people hurting people. However I can imagine that 2 specific rules are unfair sometime. I dis-agree with this rule because what if you knew a girl before a friend but he asked her out first. So I must conform and become like the men in media to get anywhere in life.

    Answers below are a response to What Does it Mean to Be a Teen Guy in the 21st Century? Most people think we are cold hearted, hormone crazed, angry, non-understanding, sex craving machines. I have emotions, I can’t even show my emotions because that’s “gay”, and not very “manly”. That means I’m only angry after you have pushed every button on my console. If I hit you or explode on you, its probably because you have crossed the line. If you take some time to get to know me you would realize this. As much as I want to have it right now, I also want to wait. Most of our parents don’t have that talk with us anymore. Now I look up to my dad but he still isn’t the best. I have many friends that are girls, and it bugs me when I see a guy come into their life and try to get with them purely so they can get some action. GIRLS: Not all guys want to date you when they start talking to you. Chances are he was just happy he got to spend time with you, and now he knows how you feel, and he will more then likely move on. If you leave because she wont date you, you don’t deserve her! If she says she doesn’t want to date you stay her friends. Once we got up to dating age this meant I was a nasty disgusting mess (thats a quote) and never had a date to anything.

    I still have my virginity and will probably keep it until I meet my wife. Q: What do you need from your parents, teachers, coaches , etc? I want to see men that give every aspect of their life every ounce of energy they can, and when they are out? I want to see men and women fight for what they believe in again. Women should be treated like queens just like the stories tell us. However if you sit there and say “How come I can’t find any good guys? You go out on a date and think “I don’t think I could date him”. HOWEVER if you say “I can’t be with him because…” and start listing physical flaws, then ma’am you go right back to those d-bags you were dating before because you do not deserve him. One of the girls that said she didn’t want to date me is now my best friend.

    To be honest girls should be the last thing on our minds. I have a ton of friends but that has been easy for me but it is not always easy. When I see men from older generations who are responsible and know what they are doing, then look at all the dumb choices my generation including me are making I can’t help but think, What happened? First off we should never see a girl and think I want more then friendship with her, first. I hate to let people down, and feel that it will cause people to lose faith in me. A: I actually haven’t had an encounter in which the “guy code” has been unfair to me.

    I want to see men that give relationships their all. ” Try looking in your “friend zone”, chances are there is some guy there that has developed feelings for you and will treat you like a queen. Q: How do you handle rejection or someone hurting your feelings?

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